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When we talk about muscle cars, there is not a set definition that could describe it in an absolute manner. It is vaguely regarded as a two door large sized car which is usually powered by a high-displacement engine.

Owning a muscle car is not something that has taken over the male lot recently, it is rather something which is being followed for decades. Even in the 21st Century, these cars have not lost their worth as symbols of Fashion and swag! And still, hold a special meaning for the boys who keep the love for vehicles.

Classic muscle cars are considered as a piece of Americana but of course, with the progress of time, modifications have been introduced into the primitive structures but they still maintain the classical sense.

In the 21st Century, muscle cars have transformed into color schemes which are more funky and varied, designs which are modern yet the original layout of the vehicle has been left unaltered. This is something which needs to be appreciated as there is no second opinion about the fact that when we talk about muscle cars, with every modification, restoration of the original layout is also a necessity as it takes the buyers back to the times when these cars were first launched in the Car market. Even if we go through the present day modern TV Series and movies, we come across a number of such scenes where the lead character is flaunting his car as he speeds through the empty roads! This is when one realizes that the idea of freedom and life associated with muscle cars can never be altered even in this modern era.

Some of the 21st Century muscle cars have been enumerated as follows. These are such beauties that they can make your heart flutter even if you have the slightest bit of love for cars!

Dodge Challenger SRT8

It out-performs all the classical model in function yet managed to keep the same retro look!

Pontiac GTO

It is a vehicle with modern installments but it resembles the GTOs of the 60’s and 70’s in certain specifications and specialties.

Chevy Camaro SS

If you are looking for a muscle car which has power, regardless of the price then this is the one you’d like to choose!

It has got a very heavy power engine and leaves behind the rest in this aspect.

Ford Mustang SVTCobra

It has got a super-charged engine which is just according to the standard and quality of the company it represents. The Mustang has kept its promise in releasing the best models one after the other.

Ford GT

It is basically an interpretation of the classic GT40 and has successfully come up to that level too.

These muscle cars are a blend of classic, modern and cool! These are high in power, amazingly beautiful in appearance and give you a sense of freedom and liberty; something they are known for ages.