Muscle Cars- Cars with an Attitude

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If cars had attitude, muscle cars would be the ones having the most of it. Imagine one midsized, two doors, sleek and highly powerful vehicle like the ones you see in car chases in the movies, pass by a crowd in a whiz. I bet you imagined a lot of heads in the crowd getting turned by hearing the whiz of that car and follow it till the end of the road and whistle in appreciation. I see that first impression lasting for one too long time-period. Now if that’s not attitude then what is? The car you just imagined was a muscle car which when revved up personifies tons of attitude.

Furthermore, a muscle car speeding up to 120 miles per hour, having huge 8 valve engines, powerful enough to match the power of 450 horses packaged with a sleek and stylish metal suit it is bound to shout out attitude more loudly than a regular car putt-putting by. The point being here is, that muscle cars are cars with an attitude be it due to their highly powerful internal components or their flashy exterior aspects or their sporty body.

For the Love of Muscles:

Have you ever encountered a situation in which you’re chilling out with your group of friends and when somebody mentions muscle cars, suddenly all your guy friends go crazy and get so engrossed conversing about the topic that they completely forget, they had any other plans for the evening? And all the while, what you managed to comprehend from that overwhelming conversation is, that they are talking about some flashy cars with upsized engines but you don’t understand their enthusiasm for it. Do you wish to know about it? If you do, then you’ve come to the right place.

Muscle Cars are basically collections of American cars which are defined as a small sized sports car with big engines, having two doors quite distinctive from the regular two-seater sports cars. However, this worldwide interest in muscle cars began in America, when a program named “Merrily we Roll Along” aired in 1961 on NBC showing the development of the automotive industry and hence evolved the muscle car. That was when it all started, muscle cars became the talk of the town and men’s love affair with automobiles escalated. Using these sleek, attractive and highly powerful cars for everyday street use, pulling off and racing their drag races, revving up the engines to attract the girls, all that men desired to do was embodied in this one vehicle and which truly deserves their love and attention.