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North Shore Classics is the best dealership you will find regarding muscle cars. It deals with the best and finest muscle cars ranging from the oldest classic muscle car to the newest model. Their services consist of repair, tune up, exterior and interior restorations, engine rebuilding and swapping much more. If you’re a classics keeper and wish to keep your “baby” (muscle car) intact and updated, North Shore Classics is the place you should stop.


North Shor Classics is inMundelein, Illinois.

 Service Repair Shop

The service repair shop of this dealership is wholly dedicated to the engine transmission, tune-ups, interior and exterior restoration of muscle cars accustomed with all the equipment required and three specialized mechanics available full time for these jobs.


Other than the engine transmissions and tune ups, interior and exterior restoration, North Shore Classics is also known for their master paint jobs, careful installations be it the air conditioning or any interior installations they do it all with expertise like it is their car instead of yours. So, take your muscle car to North Shore Classics if you cannot leave your car with anyone unless you are assured that it is in safe hands. Leave your car to the north shore and you won’t regret it afterward.

Pick up

The best thing about this dealership is that in order to get your car serviced you don’t necessarily have to take your car to the service repair shop, instead just make a call, get your appointment scheduled and North Shore Classics would come pick your car for you from anywhere in the world. Now, who wouldn’t like that, eh?

Condition Rating System

North Shore Classics also has this condition rating system in which the requirement of the restoration of cars is rated with six different numbers starting from excellent to the last stage that is the parts car. Each number has its own significance:

  • On number one comes the excellent stage in which the car is of perfect quality and matches the current maximum restoration standards of quality making it shine as brand new.
  • Then second comes the car which needs little restoration to reach a superior quality showing minimal wear. It is rated as “Fine”. This car would be like the car on the top number except when seen from scrutiny.
  • Third number car is a 20-footer meaning it needs restoration of such a quality that from 20 feet it would appear to be perfect but when you look closely you would find some paint going thin or a little wear and tear here and there. This car is rated as “Very Good”
  • A “Good” car is needs restoration of all its components to perfect quality however it is in the drivable state now.
  • “Restorable” car is a car which needs full restoration of its body, exterior and interior as well. The restorer of this car would have to do a lot of work but can make it operable.
  • Last, comes the “parts car”. Here the car is only as valuable as a donor of parts for other restoration projects.