The Importance of Good Bike Lighting

//The Importance of Good Bike Lighting

Urban cyclists enjoy a unique mobility through the city scene and avoid all issues with parking and exorbitant gas prices. But there are some hazards to navigating the city on a silent set of wheels.

When you consider the need for lighting on your bike to make it more visible, most often people assume this is important at night, but fail to realize getting hit during the day can be just as deadly. Sure, visibility is greater during the day and we can assume that motorists will be more careful, but assumptions pave the walkways and build gazebos in cemeteries.

No matter the time of day, you need to make yourself as visible as you can if you are going to navigate the streets and roads on a bike and participate in the jostle and hustle of urban traffic. It would be prudent to take this a step further and place a small flag to identify your position above taller SUVs and Trucks and take measures to wear light clothing as well.

The point being you simply can’t hope that a motorist who may be texting with one hand and ½ their concentration and focused on avoiding the authorities with the other half to see your bike crossing the intersection before they flatten you. Know Exactly How Long Do HID Lights Last?

Which brings us back to the important topic of bike lights.

Bike lights are essential at night for a few specific reasons. First, they provide a nice arc of illumination on the path directly in front of your bike and help you to avoid obstacles. Then, they also allow motorists navigating the roads around you to see you on the road and give you plenty of space in the dark when visibility is low.

But, visibility is low at many times of the day and in the urban jungle the lights, shadows and smog can create visibility hazards of their own. If the modern urban cycler is to make it home safely, they will need to consider how they can be seen through the confusion of rush hour traffic and mass confusion.
Fog, heavy rain and pollution can add their gravity to the severity of the dangers and the proper bike lighting can keep the cycler safe on their commute. Read more blogs on our site .

Types of Bike Lights

Bike lights have become highly sophisticated and powerful devices since the invention and application of LED lights and more potent battery systems. You will want to look for the most powerful lighting options you can find as these will be significantly more visible than the alternatives.

The lights used during the day will be different than those used to light your way in the dark. In addition to a powerful headlight at the front of your bike, you will need those on the sides and rear to properly highlight your position on the roads and in traffic.

LED lights can be fitted to your bike frame in a million different ways. The more lights you have, the better your visibility will be. There are even special varieties of the LED for bikes that can be fitted to your reflective safety vest to further reduce the chances of a collision  click here .